Mobile Applications

Apps published and built using Ionic & React Native.

20+ years development experience, specialising in the Angular Ionic platform.

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Requirements Planning

MVP Development

Application testing

App Store Deployment & Assistance

Step 01

Project Definition

We’ll work closely with you to determine your project design, requirements and specification.

 We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how important branding is in business and the branding of an application is an important part of:

  • Creating cohesiveness across digital media (print > web > mobile)
  • Helping users understand what the application will do for them.
  • Communicating the quality of the product.

The key items we’ll consider in branding this application:

  • How to work with your existing brand in promoting the app
  • Working with existing artwork to determine the best execution for app iconography.

 The visual design phase takes wireframe blueprints and dresses them up with a pretty GUI (graphical user interface). We create design mockups for the home screen and all sub-screens that have any elements that differ from other screens. In other words, we don’t waste time mocking up screens that have the same look. Development can skin similar screens based on one mockup.


Visual Design

Data Structure

Application Flow

Step 02


The development phase of application development is a quiet time in the project as far as client feedback. Unlike website development where there may be visuals to approve or interaction regarding content, all of this work is done before entering the application development phase. That’s why it is so important to spend quality time in the planning and information architecture phases of the project.

We like to prepare clients for the fact back and forth communication will be minimal until the Alpha Test version is ready for distribution. 

Structured code

Best Practice

Software Testing

Step 03

User Testing

During Alpha and Beta testing it will be important for us to test the application A LOT. Believe it or not, during this time our goal is to purposely try to break the application as it’s better to work out all of the bugs internally than have customers point them out for us!

Functional testing


Bug fixing

Step 04


We’ll help prepare and submit your app to the Google and Apple app stores.

Client Results

I sincerely recommend Chris, in all areas he was excellent. Very responsive, quickly worked out the technical issues with the bugs I needed resolving and the fixes were clean. He clearly knows his stuff and you will be hard pushed to find anyone more responsive, fair and skilled. Snap him up if you get the chance.

Chris was excellent. He really understood what was needed and delivered a great solution. I expect to be giving him more work in the future.

Chris is forward thinking with his proposed solutions which helped our business in moving forward over time. It was a pleasure working with him.